Leapmoor LLP is a land and marine development and management consultancy with a reputation for project delivery. We are focused on guiding our clients through some of the most complex development challenges. We are driven by a belief that together we can build sustainable infrastructure.


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A responsible business

Doing our part to make the world more sustainable.


Our approach to being a responsible business is simple…to continue to challenge ourselves to provide a high quality, professional and ethical service to our clients with sustainability at the core of everything that we do.  

We care about the world we live in and a principal aim of our business is to make a sustainable difference.  We do this by listening to what our clients need and by adding value to their projects through sustainable project management and sustainable environmental and engineering solutions. 

Expect more with us

Advice that adds advantage.

As a small independent partnership, we have the freedom to focus on the things that are important to you - and us.  This means that our clients can expect the very best from us because we want to do a great job - every time.  We are not controlled by shareholders or other outside influences, so we can concentrate on providing advice that is right for your business, not just what is easy for either you or us.

We really like a challenge and are always looking for new, better and more sustainable ways to do things to get the best outcomes. We actively encourage our clients and project partners to put sustainability at the core of their designs and at the forefront of implementation of their projects.  We help them seek out sustainable, innovative solutions to ensure project success. 

We always consider the impact of our actions, both on people and the environment. It goes without saying that we have high standards when it comes to environmental protection and management.  We will work closely with our project partners to deliver environmental improvement and enhancement whenever possible.  We will not take part in projects which would pose unacceptable risks to communities or the environment. 


As a business, we are committed to not only complying with, but exceeding the requirements of current environmental legislation.  We continually monitor and assess the potential impact of changes in policy, guidance or new regulation on our business and that of our clients. 

What is important to us

A better business - a better world.

Our Core Values are an expression of both who we are and indeed, what we are. They are the professional principles and behaviours which define our organisation and how we interact with our clients, our stakeholders, and each other.

Our People

Real people. Real work. Real rewards.


Our partners are are highly experienced professionals and results-driven leaders who can provide the expertise you need in your development team.  We work in partnership with you as part of your project team, providing you with the equivalent of in-house know how. 

We can also call upon our network of trusted independent consultants and contractors who we have worked with before and who share our values and ambition.

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Gary McCann

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Managing Partner

Project manager and civil engineer

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Alison McKay

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Environment and ground risk specialist

Calm Sea

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