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We want to help your project succeed by understanding your requirements and giving you trusted independent advice, challenging your team to ensure you get the best out of your projects and investments.

Contact us to receive the independent, outcome driven and practical consultancy services that you need and that your project deserves.


Leapmoor have fulfilled project management, contract management and clients representative roles in various sectors to support client organisations deliver their projects.  The benefits of strong project management serve everyone involved in the process: the manager who oversees the project, the client who eagerly awaits the project’s completion and the delivery team of consultants and contractors. Our project managers are well equipped to lead the project to success and provide added value through our civil engineering and environment expertise. They can also represent clients interests as their agent from the earliest stages of a project to its completion.


These challenging roles require knowledge, experience and a drive to meet the project goals and outcomes. By focusing on the project essentials of safety, time, quality and cost, whilst always seeking the balance, we are not afraid to ask the difficult questions.  Our project management services provide a structured approach to project delivery, with clearly defined roles and supporting processes. Having clarity on roles and expected behaviours of all parties allows for effective decision making. This, together with a clear vision for the project with supporting processes, means projects can be delivered with more certainty in terms of programme and cost.

The value of contracts is in the outcomes that they produce. Leapmoor recognise that effective management of scope, budget and programme directly impact the quality of the desired and actual outcomes.



Our consultants have successfully delivered various projects using the NEC3 and NEC4 ECC and PSC suite of contracts. This collaborative format of contracts ensures that the parties know their roles and responsibilities and work together through effective communication processes.

Ground risk is one of the greatest risks that a civil engineering project will face. We have the skills to challenge and limit this risk, with extensive experience delivering ground investigation projects using the ICC Ground Investigation contract and NEC3 for remediation.



Sometimes a client needs a helping hand to deliver their marine and land development projects. We can act on your behalf to prepare and procure the necessary contracts as well as to represent your interests once the project gets to site. 


What will we do as your representative?


  • Bridge the gap between you and your contractor

  • Be your eyes and ears as the contract progresses

  • Keep on top of the contract costs and programme

  • Make sure the desired quality standards are achieved

  • Work closely with you to get the best out of your project


Leapmoor are highly experienced in using a project management framework to manage the tasks needed to deliver land and marine development projects.

  • Our consultants are skilled at communication and in motivating teams; fundamental aspects of effective project management.

  • We will closely manage project scope and the programme to identify and mitigate potential cost and time over-runs.

  • Project risks are identified and managed by our experienced project managers. We regularly use risk workshops or risk reduction meetings to document, prioritise and plan the response to identified risks.

  • Whether you are looking to create the project cost forecast, monitor the spend profile, or close the project accounts, we can use our experience in cost modelling to support your project.

Gantt chart with project manager working
Aerial view of the Port of Cromarty Firth Phase 3 development

Leapmoor have the experience to lead and a track record of delivering successful projects.

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