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What we offer

We can work as part of your team, providing a range of project, programme and contract management and engineering services to deliver land and marine development and regeneration projects. 


We can pull together and manage a multi-disciplinary development team as well as provide specialist services relating to civil engineering and ground risk. 


With over 25 years experience, we solve problems by applying practical, contractual and technical solutions that work and that meet the development needs as well as those of the local planning authority and environmental regulators. 

We are often brought in by clients where they have discovered that things are more complex than originally thought or where something has already gone wrong. However, we can provide the most added value to your project as part of your team from the very beginning.

Top view group engineers discussion and
Long reach excavator digging soil with contamination.


Leadership to maximise commercial and operational performance and minimise risks

Our project management services provide a structured approach to project delivery, providing leadership to maximise commercial and operational performance and minimise risks.

We believe that the value of contracts is in the outcomes that they produce. Leapmoor recognise that effective management of scope, budget and programme directly impact the quality of the desired and actual outcomes.


Leadership and technical expertise through the entire project cycle

Our experienced consultants challenge design and identify gaps, risks and opportunities. We advise clients and their team of where to invest efforts to enable project success.


Leapmoor work as a member of your team in a professional and transparent way to ensure you get the most out of your project.


Technical expertise to provide practical and sustainable solutions

Purchasing land and worried about potential liabilities associated with land contamination? Not sure how to deal with ground risks in your new development? Need to make sure you are complying with environmental legislation?


Our experts can help you minimise your risks, be compliant with environmental regulations and find sustainable solutions.

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