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Alison is an environmental specialist with particular expertise in land contamination assessment and management. She can provide support in planning and development as well as advise on environmental due-diligence. She is a skilled environmental risk assessor and training provider.

Alison is a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist with a career spaning over 25 years. She provides services in peer review, environmental risk assessment, exposure assessment, toxicology review, regulatory compliance and training.

Alison McKay in office smiling with arms crossed.  Alison is wearing a black suit with blouse.
Derelict land with rusty 205 litre chemical containers.  Obvious land contamination and pollution.


Technical Specialist

Alison can provide land contamination expertise to support or strengthen your team; either fill a resource gap or provide a second opinion through peer review. Alison is a skilled environmental risk assessor with experience in exposure modelling and toxicological assessments for conventional and non-conventional contaminants.  Alison can also provide advice on environmental compliance including waste classification and water environment licencing and monitoring.


Alison is a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist with a post graduate qualification in Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring.

Due Diligence Adviser

Do you need to undertake environmental due diligence for the buying or selling of land (or where you are funding a purchase or development)? Alison has particular expertise in statutory contaminated land assessments (Part IIA Environmental Protection Act 1990).

Brownfield Regeneration Support

Alison can support you with your development and regeneration projects, working as part of your team whilst providing specialist services to ensure land contamination is properly assessed and managed to meet the development needs as well as those of the local planning authority and environment agencies. Alison has a regulatory background with good relationships with many regulatory authorities.

Alison is often brought in by clients where they have discovered that things are more complex than originally thought or where something has already gone wrong. However, she can provide the most added value to your project as part of your team from the very beginning!

Experienced Trainer

Perhaps you are looking to expand the skills and competencies of your staff. Alison can provide awareness level training on contaminated land as well as detailed technical training on site characterisation, the technical aspects of risk assessment and the regulatory framework.

Industry Leader

Alison has advised Scottish Government on land contamination policy and has been actively involved as a committee member of the Scottish Contaminated Land Forum for many years, promoting good practice and sustainable reuse of land affected by contamination. She is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events.


She is currently a member of the Scottish Land Commission's Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce, seeking to bring about transformational change in dealing with our most persistent derelict sites. 


Member of the Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce

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