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2nd Birthday Updates - Ground Risk Services

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Did you know that Leapmoor has expertise in assessing ground risk for developments and due diligence? Ground risk is on every development projects risk register and our partners Gary McCann and Alison McKay can cover all the bases from civil and geotechnical engineering to land contamination management.

Leapmoor have designed, procured and managed a number of challenging ground and marine investigations over the past 2 years using various investigation techniques. Sites have covered both greenfield and brownfield but all with their own unique conditions to overcome. Whether difficult site access, utilities or unexpected ground conditions, we have been on point to gather the necessary high quality and robust data to meet the overall investigation objectives whilst meeting project budgets and programme.

The 75m directional drilling in granite at Peterhead was particularly challenging not least due to the unexpected hydrogeological conditions but also having to contend with snow and horizontal rain!

Contact us to discuss how working with Leapmoor could help you understand and mitigate your ground risks and environmental liabilities and enhance your land investments.

Varoius land and marine ground investigation techniques including rotary drilling, shell and auger drilling, directional drilling, directional drilling and trial pitting.
Photo montage of Ground Risk Services Site works

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