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2nd Birthday Updates- Environment and Community Benefit

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Leapmoor have worked in some great site locations, but sometimes the travel, the weather and the wildlife (some of which are the 2-legged variety!) make it more interesting.

We have assisted on a number of EIA’s recently, picking up the soil and water chapters. We have also successfully applied for several marine licences from Marine Scotland on behalf of clients and provided land contamination risk assessments to support planning applications.

Leapmoor’s Alison McKay also joined the Scottish Land Commission Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce last year and works with other members and her network to help transform our unloved and underused land in Scotland.

In our projects we are ensuring that the community benefits clauses are fully implemented by all parties within the contract. This provides opportunities for the local workforce and those returning to work receive training and a chance to work as well as promoting the engagement of young people to hear what we do. This engagement has taken the team into schools and prisons, and offers time to local community groups who need the support.

Coastal rocky cliff at Peterhead on a sunny day, Gary with large super quarry in the background, some highland cattle in a field, remnants of a boiler house from an old school, derelict land with waste and contaminated materials.
Photo montage of environment and ground risk services

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